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Novation Supernova II Service
Novation Supernova II Servicing & Repair

Repair of Faulty DAC, DSP, Encoders, Boot Errors, Flash Memory Errors

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Novation Supernova II
Service Information:
The Novation Supernova II is now considered to be a vintage synthesizer.
As with most vintage equipment it has been known to develop certain faults over its lifetime.

I have owned my Supernova II Keyboard for 16 years and have become familiar with the issues that can arise. In 2017 I started a repair service for the Supernova II and have repaired 160+ units to date.

Below is a list of the most common faults with the Supernova II Keyboard and Rack units:

Noisy DAC Fault:
This fault will affect the audio output on the Headphones Socket and the audio on Outputs 1 & 2.
There are several symptoms that appear with a DAC fault:
  • No Sound on either Left, Right, or both channels.
  • Crackle, Hiss, Distorted, or Random noises.
  • The audio clicks when adjusting the volume control when there are no sounds playing.
  • The audio will go silent after the unit has warmed up.
  • Abnormal DC Offset on either Left, Right, or both channels.

For DAC repairs I use the later CS4392KZZ DAC with improved Signal-to-Noise Ratio.

Data Encoders and Potentiometers:
The Data Encoders are used for the two Data Selection knobs and the Tuning knob.
The Potentiometers are used for all the other control knobs.

When these items malfunction the Data value on the display will jump / lag / or be difficult to adjust.

DSP Faults:
When you have a DSP fault the Effects Special LED (keyboard) or Comb Filter LED (Rack) will flash and several of the Part LEDs will be lit when the unit is powered-on. The display will be blank and the unit will not generate any sounds.

If a DSP fault happens whilst the unit is playing then the sound will hang and the Effects Special LED (keyboard) or Comb Filter LED (Rack) will flash.

FLASH Write Error Faults:
With this fault the Supernova II will will display: Flash Write Error !! Switch off & re-try
Alternatively it may display this message instead: ROM to O/S Flash Progress [0%]

Supernova II hangs when Booting:
With this fault the Supernova II will either constantly light ALL the panel LEDs, or constantly flash ALL the Panel LEDs. The display will remain blank.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms with your Supernova II get in touch using the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page.

For most cases you can send the Motherboard PCB alone rather than shipping the whole unit back and forth. This lowers the shipping costs and reduces the risk of transit damage to your Supernova II.
I am based in Northern Ireland (UK)

NOTE: If your Supernova PCB has had a previous repair attempt or has sustained PCB damage during a previous repair you will be required to send photos of the damage and disclose the full repair history. Any PCB arriving with undisclosed damage will be rejected and returned at the sender's expense.

All the parts I use for Supernova repairs come from verified vendors to ensure the authenticity of the parts.
I do not accept parts supplied by customers for any Supernova repairs.

I have created a guide detailing the removal and replacement of the Motherboard in the Supernova II Keyboard and Rack Units. You can download it using the link below (PDF FIle):
Removal & Reinstalling the Supernova II Keyboard / Rack Motherboard
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