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Sector101 DataBlade32 - Multi-Bank MCD64 Card for SY / TG / RM

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Sector101 DataBlade16

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The User Manual
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Sector101 DataBlade32 MultiBank MCD Data Card Information
The DataBlade is a multi-bank MCD-64 card. This card will perform the same function as a regular Yamaha MCD-64 memory card but with the advantage of being able to store the same amount of data as 32 individual MCD-64 cards.

Yamaha units that support MCD-64 Data Cards:
  • SY22
  • SY35 & TG33
  • SY55 & TG55
  • SY77 & TG77
  • SY85 & TG500
  • SY99
  • RM50
  • TQ5
  • V50
  • SPX990

The DataBlade32 has a 2MByte memory capacity partitioned as 32x 64KB.

Each 64KB partition behaves as a single independent MCD-64 card.

There is no limitation on how the individual MCD-64 partitions are used.
Each partition can be formatted by any synth unit without affecting the data stored in other partitions.

Partition Usage Example:
  • Partitions 1 thru 5 formatted for RM50
  • Partitions 6 thru 10 formatted for SY85
  • Partitions 11 thru 16 formatted for SY99
  • Partitions 17 thru 23 formatted for SY77
  • .. and so on.

The 16-position rotary switch on the front panel is used for selecting the partitions.

The 7-segment digit LED display and 3 single LEDs indicate which of the MCD-64 card partitions is currently selected.

The orientation of the LED display can be rotated so to make it easier to read when the card is in a rack mounted unit. The LED brightness can also be adjusted if required.

The memory in the DataBlade is retained by a single CR2025 Lithium coin cell battery.
This coin cell can be replaced very easily without the need for any tools. The expected life of the battery is 6 years.

Quality Control & Test:
These units are assembled, soldered and inspected to Class 3 of the IPC-610-C standard for electronic PCB assembly. All anti-static precautions are observed during the assembly & test procedures.
The unit is functionally tested to ensure it is working fully before shipping.

DataBlade Card mounted in Yamaha SY85:

Two DataBlade Cards mounted in Yamaha TG500:

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