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Installation Guide for EXFLM2 Flash Expansion:
Sector101 EXFLM2 16MB Kit Installation Guide for Yamaha EX5, EX7, and EX5R
ZIP file containing two PDF documents and Read First text file.

Installation Guide for SIIEX24 Voice Expansion:
Sector101 SIIEX24 Installation Guide for Supernova II & Nova II

Installation Guide for SYEMB05 Modules:
Sector101 SYEMB05 Installation Guide for Yamaha SY99

User Manual for DataBlade16
DataBlade16 User Manual v1.3

Manual & Software Downloads for WaveBlade and Programmer Unit:

WaveBlade User Manual v1.2
WaveBlade Programmer Unit User Manual v1.5
Software Pack for WaveBlade & Programmer Unit

Installation guide for EXM-E3 Memory Module in Alesis Fusion and Akai MPC-5000:
EXM-E3 Installation Guide

The Sector101 SY85 Internal Battery Change Procedure
PDF file giving instructions on removing the SY85 old internal battery and installing a battery holder.

The Sector101 SY85 Keyboard Velocity Range Modification
PDF file giving instructions on modifying the CPU board to achieve velocity values up to 127.

Novation Supernova II Main PCB Motherboard Removal Procedure
PDF file giving instructions on removing and replacing the motherboard PCB in the Keyboard and Rack. FTP Server Files:
Christopher Arndt has a whole load of documentation for Yamaha synths on his FTP server including user manuals and other helpful articles.

Currently this includes the SY22, SY35, SY55, SY77, SY85, SY99, TG100, TG300, TG33, TG500

Have a dig around in the folders starting from HERE

SY85 Factory Settings Disk & Demonstration Disk:
These factory disks usually go missing when buying a secondhand SY85 so fear not as they can be downloaded below. The factory disks will restore all the default settings, voices & performances.

Please read the included note in the ZIP files as it explains how to recreate the factory disks.

Also, if you have a faulty drive in your SY85 you can download the factory settings as a SYSEX file to send over MIDI. The are two (2) SYX files contained in the ZIP. One is the full "ALL" dump, the other is the "SYNTH ALL" dump that contains just the factory voices & performances.
If your SY85 has OS ROM V1.10 please download the V1.10 SYSEX files instead.

SY85 Factory Settings Disk
SY85 Factory Settings SYSEX files
SY85 OS-ROM V1.10 Factory Settings + Demo SYSEX files
SY85 Demonstration Disk

SY85 Sound Disks
Pro Piano for 2MB SIMM Expansion
Pro Piano for 1MB Non-Volatile Expansion

Mega-DX7 for 2MB SIMM Expansion
Mega-DX7 for 1MB Non-Volatile Expansion

SY85 Sound Disk Collection - 60+ Disk Images

SY85 Volatile To Non-Volatile Utility
This utility by Tim Beckwith patches an SY85 'DISK ALL' file so it loads all the samples contained in the file into the non-volatile memory area. The ZIP file contains the utility and a user guide in PDF format.
Volatile to Non-Volatile Utility

SYSEX Tool - C6 v1.51 by Elektron:
Very small SYSEX utility that also handles WAV to SDS dumps:
C6 v1.51 for Windows & OSX

Yamaha To Host Computer Cables Diagram & Pinout:
GIF image file of To-Host connecting cables & pinouts.
NOTE: This is for the older Serial to MIDI cable, and NOT the USB cable.
Yamaha To Host cable diagrams

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