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Sector101 SYEMB05 Memory Expansion for Yamaha SY99

The Sector101 SYEMB05 module is £33

STATUS: NO STOCK. More available in June 2017

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Sector101 SYEMB05 Module Information
The Sector101 SYEMB05 512KB module is designed for the Yamaha SY99.

You can fit up to five SYEMB05 units into the SY99 - each giving you a further 512KB of sample memory.
Including the SY99's on-board 512KB this takes the total to 3MB of non-volatile memory.

Design Notes:
  • The Sector101 SYEMB05 board closely follows the original Yamaha design to ensure full compatibility with all the SY99 units that were produced. The Sector101 SYEMB05 module can be installed alongside existing Yamaha SYEMB05 modules.

  • The power control circuit has been re-designed using modern components. During the reverse-engineering stage I discovered the IC that Yamaha used on the original SYEMB05 was now out-of-production. I have sourced an up-to-date power supervisor IC that takes the place of two of the older components.

  • The power drawn from the on-board CR2032 backup battery is less than 2uA so battery life is at least 8 years. The board uses a battery holder for the CR2032 battery so you can easily replace it should the need arise.

  • The board has a foam buffer to keep it in place when the rear panel is replaced back on the SY99. A PVC pull-strip is attached to the outer edge of the PCB so you can easily remove the boards from the SY99 should you need to do so.

Quality Control & Test:
All SYEMB05 modules are assembled, soldered and inspected to Class 3 of the IPC-610-C standard for electronic PCB assembly. All anti-static precautions are observed during the assembly & test procedures.
After the unit is fully assembled it goes through a 3-stage PCB cleaning process. The module is then functionally tested to ensure it performs as it should. The modules are then serialised and packed in a static shield bag ready for dispatch.

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