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Printed Circuit Board Repair & Rework Service

Do you have a PCB that needs a difficult component changed or needs trace repairs..?

The PCB can be from any type of product:
  • Synthesizer

  • Games Console

  • Studio Equipment

  • Computer

  • Consumer Product

Component Replacement Services:

  • Surface Mount Component:
    From simple chip resistors and capacitors to high-density Quad Flat Packs.
    All Resistor / Capacitor / Inductor sizes down to 0201 size (0.6mm x 0.3mm)
    Intergated Circuit ICs with Leg Pitch down to 0.5mm.

  • Thru-Hole Component:
    Resistors / Capacitors / Inductors
    Integrated Circuit ICs and IC holders.
    Power and multi-connection connectors.

  • Broken Audio or Power Sockets:
    Audio / Midi / USB / Power / Controller.

  • Faulty Pots & Encoders:
    Audio Faders / Pan Pots / Midi Controllers / Parameter Pots

  • PCB Damage:
    Broken or Burnt Tracks / Cracked PCB / Corroded Traces.

  • Circuit Board Modifications:
    PCB circuit modified to supplied instruction list or drawing.

The PCB photo below shows all the different types of components I can remove & re-fit:

Sample PCB

If you have a PCB repair query please contact me using the email address below:

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